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The Kingdom of Denmark

The Kingdom of Denmark is a small state located in the north of Europe with an outlet to the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. Denmark is often referred to as a pearl of the Scandinavian Peninsula. The Kingdom has gained its fame thanks to royal castles, cosy houses painted in various colours, medieval narrow streets, canals and bridges, as well as monuments dedicated to fairytales. Denmark is a homeland of Hans Christian Andersen, an author of The Little Mermaid and other famous fairy tales. The heroine of this beautiful tale is considered to be a symbol of Copenhagen. Besides, it is a country of the brave Vikings, warriors who used to live on the territory of Denmark in former times.

Many centuries ago Denmark was one of the most powerful states in Northern Europe. Between the end of the 8th and the 11th centuries, the Danes took part in the Viking expeditions – a lot of victories and conquests had become part of their history. Viking Festival, an annual event held in Aarhus, welcomes everyone who desires to become part of the Denmark’s past. In Roskilde, you’ll have a unique opportunity to see the 1000-year old Viking ships. Ribe is a town where Ribe Viking Center was established. At this place you can experience reconstructed villages dated back to the Viking Age. Attractions in the village of Jelling and ancient Viking fortresses in Trelleborg, AggersborgFyrkat give evidence of the rich Danish history.

Today, Denmark is a modern and developed country. The Faroe Islandsand Greenland are part of the Kingdom. They are self-governing territories, thus being practically independent. Denmark is attractive due to its mild climate, which has been created under the impact of the Gulf Stream. In the north-east of the country, you will notice numerous swamps and lakes formed due to flat and gently rolling plains in this part of Denmark. Shores of the country are cut by numerous bays, at the same time its western and eastern coasts are covered by dunes. Beautiful beaches of the Danish Riviera, the Baltic and North Seas, as well as pure lakes and picturesque rural landscapes are all worth seeing.

Spectacular views of the seas are a distinctive feature of Denmark. Probably any city or town you can choose to visit is located not further than fifty kilometres from water, and Copenhagen, a capital of the country, is considered to be the main one. For 800 years, Copenhagen has been one of the largest ports of the Baltic Sea. Along Nyhavn, a waterfront of Copenhagen, you can admire various Danish ships and houses with bright colourful facades. They remind playhouses. Due to the fact Copenhagen has been built on the system of canals created in the C17-19th, the Danish capital is often compared to Venice. In Langelinie Pier, you can see the Little Mermaid, a bronze statue. As mentioned above, this character created by Christian Andersen is considered to be the symbol of Copenhagen.

Hans Christian Andersen, a famous tale-teller, was born in Denmark. The Danes cherish the memory of him – they keep things and places related to his life and work. For instance, in Odense, a home city of Andersen, you can see wonderful sculpture-heroes of his fairy tales. The unique museum dedicated to Christian Andersen, is worth visiting as well. All translations of his stories are kept there.

Denmark is home to Tivoli Park, the biggest theme park in Europe. It was here where Walt Disney was inspired to create his famous amusement park. Moreover, the Kingdom offers you to visit Legoland, the world’s biggest theme park constructed from 46 millions of Lego bricks. This world famous attraction was built in honour of the famous Danish creator of the Lego construction set.

The Kingdom is famous for its palaces and castles, where the 1000-year history of Denmark has been kept. Spøttrup Castle in the Gothic style, Kronborg Castle also known as Elsinore thanks to The Hamlet of William Shakespeare, Charlottenborg Palace in the style of Baroque are all about the rich history of Denmark. Kronborg Castle has gained its fame thanks to Shakespeare and his famous play. It is believed, the action of the tragedy takes place exactly in this castle. Each year – on Saint John’s Day – this world famous sight welcomes theatre troupes from all over the world to see their vision of The Hamlet. You are also advised to see Hammershus – considered one of the oldest fortifications in Denmark – you can expect beautiful views of the Baltic Sea from this medieval fortification. Gammel Estrup Manor is another well known attraction. You can see about 230 Danish varieties of apple tries in the garden of the manor, as well as taste their fruit at the annually held Apple Festival. The apple orchard is a historical place as most of varieties were bred there more than a few hundreds of years ago.

The Danish national cuisine has its distinctive colour as well. It was influenced by culinary traditions of the Scandinavian people. Food is simple, but substantial and tasty. Dishes made of fish, and herring in particular, are very popular in Denmark. In the Kingdom, one may count about 200 kinds of sandwich made of herring. For centuries, this country has kept its brewing traditions and even today nobody cannot manage to brew it the way the Danish do, so it is hardly surprising that Danish beer has gained world fame. Danish baked products should be mentioned as well. Sweet flavour of baked rolls, pastry and pies is thick in the air of country’s towns and cities.

Denmark is a country of bicycles. This vehicle is very popular in the country – thousands of kilometres of cycle lanes have been paved on the territory of the country. For instance, you can easily experience the island of Bornholm by bicycle; go along the west coast of Jutland and from the border with Germany to the town of Skagen. The most popular route runs in the neighbour of the capital, its great part goes along the Sound Strait (Øresund in Danish).

Despite the fact that the country occupies quite small territories, it abounds in attractions. One may compare it to Andersen’s tales – full of wonders and adventures. Cosy towns und level life, as well as colourful festivals attract tourists to Denmark from all over the world. 


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